Diamond-Sori kesäkampanja 2018

Sori Brewing uutuudet nyt ennakkotilattavissa Sori Brewingilta on nyt uusia oluita, jotka voit ennakkotilata viikon ajan aina sunnuntaihin 5.8. asti! Ennakkotilattavat tuotteet merkitty sinisellä. Olethan nopea ja vastaat tähän viestiin tilauksen muodossa sillä tuotteita on rajoitetusti. On lähes harvinaista saada Suomeen omien poikien oluita, sillä nämä menevät maailmalla nopeasti. Oluet saapuvat varastoomme pian ennakkovarausajan suljettua. HUOM! Oluet toimitetaan […]

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5 Tips: How to support your favorite craft brewery?

In case you didn’t know, along with the beer, craft brewery is all about people around it. From the ancient times, breweries have been very social and open to people. That’s something that inspires us, too. Here’s some tips how to be easily part of any brewery’s story. If you are passionate about your beer, let it show!

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Investing in Sori Brewing

Road to success – The five lessons learned

Sori Brewing raised a total of 451 700 EUR (625 000 USD) through an equity based crowdfunding. We heard that is a some sort of record in Finland. We also got awesome people behind us who are driven to take Sori to the next level of craft brewing. It has been a long road with […]

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Sori visits Spain

Since Spanish beer culture is experiencing the same problem as in many countries where craft beer is just on growing stage. Here are some thoughts Pyry has on Spanish growing craft beer movement.

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Craft brewers settles things through discussion - here Sori Brewing, Hatebrew and BrewDog settles whether beer is good or not

This is HOW we should define Craft Beer

Craft beer fans and smaller brewers are very keen on having an official definition for craft beer. Here’s our suggestion on how we should do it.

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  • sahti_malts Mixing malts
  • sahti_moisturising Moisturising malts - Klaus supervising
  • sahti_boiling Stirring wort
  • sahti_sauna Happy brewers!
  • sahti_wort Pouring wort for cooling and hopping
  • sahti_masting02 Pouring mash through malts
  • sahti_hops Adding some Spalter hops
  • sahti_hopping Hopping
  • sahti_investor We awarded Klaus with a diploma and a bottle of Sori Investor IPA
  • ready Sahti ready to be enjoyed in bright Finnish summer night

Craft Beer from the Ancient Nordic – Sahti

We had a great opportunity to learn more about Finnish beer history and master brewing traditional Finnish Sahti. Sahti recipes vary quite a bit in different parts of Finland and this recipe we learned is from the Western part of Finland, Pirkanmaa region. Main differences come from techniques used and from the usage of hops […]

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How to put ‘Finland’ in the Craft Beer?

Finns have a troublesome relationship with beer as we will explain more specific later. Still we think there’s some essence of Finland we can put in our beers, even though, our national beer style is lager and maybe sahti as a historic curiosity. Our beer has a traveling Finn philosophy: we love to learn from other cultures, […]

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