OoO Session IPA (1st Edition)

Sori Brewing – OoO Session IPA (1st Edition) Working your tail off in a dead-end job and losing your passion? Put your ‘Out of Office’ mode on and leave your desk, for good. This hoppy and refreshing Session IPA is all about pursuing your dreams, even if it’s just for a moment. After a few […]

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Collaboration Islay Sahti

We can’t get enough of collaborating, so we decided to make another ancient beer with Ruosniemi Brewery! Since both breweries have Finnish roots, we decided to pay a tribute to ancient Finnish beer style, Sahti. Actually, there’s a traditional method how Sahti is supposed to be made, so we followed this ideology. Traditional Sahti uses variety of grains and […]

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New Summer Brews Coming Up!

We started our summer brewing season with Investor Double IPA which also was the toast for our successful crowdfunding campaign. Then we hit our wise heads together with Ruosniemi Brewery and they invited us to join them to SOPP Tampere 2014 Craft Beer Festival with a collaboration beer. We brewed an ancient beer style from Germany, called Gose. This Vientiassistentti Gose was a […]

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