Did you taste the strawberry fields of Investor DIPA?

We started our summer brewing season with Investor Double IPA which also was the toast for our successful crowdfunding campaign. Then we hit our wise heads together with Ruosniemi Brewery and they invited us to join them to SOPP Tampere 2014 Craft Beer Festival with a collaboration beer. We brewed an ancient beer style from Germany, called Gose. This Vientiassistentti Gose was a real hit on the beer festival and actually was the most checked in beer for that event in Untappd.

New reveals!

Now we are happy to reveal that there will be some new Summer brews coming up!

First of all, we continue our saga in making of great IPA’s. There will be some experimental stuff and some that’s already proven and tested. Since we are in love with West Coast style IPA’s, you may already see us polishing our Mustang full of hops ready to cruise along the Pacific Highway. One of the IPA’s will be a West Coast Session IPA that we have worked on quite a while. Since Finland has this 4,7% alc. limit, we are aiming below that. One of the hardest beer styles to perfect.

And then there’s the fun factor. There will be at least one very interesting collaboration beer. We can promise you that this collaboration beer will blow some minds and make raters nuts. A small hint: this collaboration will have some serious Scottish vibe, so have your best bagpipe tunes ready.

Stay tuned for availability. Available in Finland, but we are looking for exporting some of these to Estonia and Sweden, too. Broader availability coming up this Autumn.