London Craft Beer Festival 2016 review

This was our second year at London Craft Beer Festival and oh boy it was fun! A completely new audience for us but being our second year, people start to recognize Sori Brewing already. It’s great to share the venue with amazing breweries like Omnipollo, To øl, Lervig, Siren, Kernel, Partizan, Wiper and True, Buxton […]

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Leaping Lena (India Pale Lager)

Story Leaping Lena was a West German racing pigeon who got lost in Czechoslovakia in 1954. She returned with a strong freedom manifesto signed by Unbowed Pilsen. Like Unbowed Pilsen, we appreciate freedom. Especially the freedom to brew the kind of beers we like without compromises. Beer Leaping Lena is a Bohemian India Pale Lager. A famous […]

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Inspiration from South California

In January, Pyry spent two weeks in Los Angeles and San Diego tasting beers and meeting brewers. Southern California is one of those epicenters where the world craft beer happens. Here he shares some great places to visit when on a beer tour in southern California. Los Angeles In Los Angeles area, many of the breweries […]

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Barrels barrels barrels

Sori Brewing X Candialle Winery

Last week Sori Brewing started a barrel-aging program in an epic way. Stay tuned, there’s more to come! Candialle – famous red wines from Italy The barrels we’re using are coming from Candialle winery in the Chianti region of Italy. Our friends Jarkko and Josephin make prestige Chianti Classico wines in the Candialle, which is located […]

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Tule tööle Sorisse!