LOH - lenaStory

Leaping Lena was a West German racing pigeon who got lost in Czechoslovakia in 1954. She returned with a strong freedom manifesto signed by Unbowed Pilsen. Like Unbowed Pilsen, we appreciate freedom. Especially the freedom to brew the kind of beers we like without compromises.


Leaping Lena is a Bohemian India Pale Lager. A famous Bohemian lager yeast strain from Pilsen fermented this revolutionary IPL. Hopped fruity and flowery with Mosaic, Ahtanum and Simcoe. With 6,3 % abv and 70 IBU, this beer flies as high and bold as a racing pigeon would.

League of Hops

We want to celebrate the hoppiness in life and what better way, than launching a series of hoppy beers. This Spring we bring you a total of four super hoppy brews that are packed with exotic flavors.


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