Sori Brewing products on Gastropub Tuulensuu, Tampere blackboard

Sori Brewing products on Gastropub Tuulensuu, Tampere blackboard

This is how Sori got started!

It was our first year and here’s a quick recap what we have done this year. We hope you enjoyed the smooth ride with us, because the next year, we’ll step it up and start building the actual brewery! Before that, we’ll do an issue of shares so you’ll have a possibility to join in and to get your part of this action. Stay tuned!

In December, we launched our Investor Series beers in Helsinki and Tampere, which introduced our products to the public. People’s responses for both products were great. Check out the phenomenal ratings at the end of the post!

Right now, we are looking opportunities to produce bigger batches for larger crowds.  Therefore, we are going to have a busy spring and we will launch our share issue as well.  You can read more about becoming a brewery owner here.

Year 2013 dates in review

  • 17.12. Tue, 19:00 Investor IPA and Investor Porter launch event. Inez, Tampere
  • 12.12. Thu, 18:00 Investor IPA tasting. Satakuntatalo, Helsinki
  • 3.12. Tue, 18:00 Sori Meet & Greet. Satakuntatalo, Helsinki
  • 20.10. Sun, 18:00 International Craft Beer -presentation, OlutExpo. Wanha Satama, Helsinki
  • 18.10. Fri, 19:00 Sori Meet & Greet. Pudel Baar, Tallinn, Estonia
  • 30.9. Mon, 18:00 Investor Event. Satakuntatalo, Helsinki
  • 21.9. Sat, 18:00 Introducing Sori Brewing, Oluton Festari. Veturitallit, Jyv√§skyl√§
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Sori guys meeting Tiit from Pohjala Brewery in Tallinn

We have also had two dozen brewdays, photoshoots, bank meetings, consultant and lawyer meetings, planning days, seminars, investor meetings, importer meetings and restaurant meetings. When you do stuff you love, these all meetings are pure joy!

We want to thank all the people we have met so far, each one of you have given us something new to think about and everyone have helped to make this dream come true. We hope to meet all you guys again next year and make more cool stuff happen. If you felt like you didn’t have a change to meet us this year, contact us and make sure we don’t let that happen next year.

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Sori Brewing talking about International Craft Beer

Sori Brewing talking about International Craft Beer

Sori Brewing year in media

[pullquote align=”right”]Yeay, so far we are the 2nd most followed Finnish brewery in Twitter and the most followed in Instagram![/pullquote] In Finnish


Investor IPA bottle

Investor IPA bottle

Sori Product Ratings

You can rate and see our product ratings here: