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Find Sori in Finland (wk 34)

Sori Brewing – Deliveries in Finland 05-06/2015

Here are the restaurants that have so far ordered Sori Brewing beers. If they have ran out, ask them to order some more!

Note that this is not an availablity list. Some restaurants may put beers on tap later than others and some will run out, but it’s always worth asking! One cool tool to check availabilities is Untappd.

Look here for our beers ->

Want to order Sori Brewing beers to your restaurant in Finland? We distribute through Diamond Beverages Oy, so you get our beers everywhere! Contact Restaurant Sales +358 (0)10 231 0801 or Market Retail Sales: +358 (0)10 231 0802.

Grocery stores of Finland

Reporting for missing bar / beer / other!

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