Sori Brewing beer list @ OlutExpo 2015 Helsinki, Finland

Sori Brewing at OlutExpo 2015

It’s that time of a year when Sori Brewing takes the most exciting beers and brings them to people. This year in OlutExpo in Helsinki, Finland we have a lot of new brews available. Havana Gose Raspberry and Dark Humor Club Coconut were debuting in London Craft Beer Festival 2015 and now for the first time […]

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Open Source: Dark Humor Club recipe

We were invited by a Finnish blogger Reittausblogi to reveal one of our recipes and bring it open for public. This is actually one of those things we have been thinking of doing from the beginning every now and then. Stone Brewing released, for example, their Stone Pale Ale recipe, which was their very first brew. […]

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Osakeanti 2015

Sori Brewing grows with crowdfunding!

Sori Brewing was started in the beginning of 2014 with a massive crowdfunding campaign. After that the production started and Sori grew fast and reached this point, where it is necessary to invest to meet the growing demand. By now, we have launched eight different beers and got a warm welcome from the beer loving crowd. […]

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