Find Sori in Finland (wk 34)

Finland availability wk 34

Here are the restaurants that have so far ordered Sori Brewing beers. If they have ran out, ask them to order some more! Note that this is not an availablity list. Some restaurants may put beers on tap later than others and some will run out, but it’s always worth asking! One cool tool to check […]

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London Craft Beer Festival

Sori Brewing is a first timer in London Craft Beer Festival 13.-16.8.2015 and we are really showing it off! We are honored to showcase our beers along with the worlds’ most inspiring breweries. You’ll find our stand from the Pickle Factory. From the festival you find breweries like Stone Brewing, BrewDog, The Kernel, Omnipollo, Buxton, Partizan, Edge […]

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