Sori Brewing x AF Brew — Midsummer Melancholy

Imperial Baltic Porter – 11,00 %

This spring we brewed together with the Russian AF Brew. What came out is an 11,00 % ABV Imperial Baltic Porter with vanilla. This beer is part of their awarded Melancholy series. Who wouldn’t feel a bit melancholic when it’s midsummer and slush is pouring down from the sky?

Most of this we’ll ship to our AF Brew friends in St.Petersburg, Russia, but some of it will be available at festivals through the summer.

Although the branding on this beer is with a dark theme, it is to raise awareness on an important matter. Life is always a miracle worth living. If you are suffering and have thoughts on ending it, please give professional people a change and call local mental health hotline. Our brains do nasty tricks on us, don’t let it fool you to do dumb things.

Sori Brewing x Het Uiltje — Öökull

Farmhouse IPA – 5,8 %

WIth the Dutch Het UIltje we brewed a Farmhouse IPA named Öökull, 5,8 % ABV. Brewed with a Saison yeast and hopped fruity with Citra and Cascade. Öökull is Estonian for an owl, as Het Uiltje is Dutch for owl.

Het Uiltje is our brewery brother from another mother in the Netherlands. Robbert and his crew are brewing crowdfunded craft beer in Haarlem. Their brewery taproom is well worth visiting!