We are proud to brew the most of Sori Brewing core range beers gluten-free and vegan friendly! This helps us to get many people to enjoy craft beer in a way that was not possible to many, due to dietary restrictions. And the best part is, these bombs still pack all the flavor! Already 10+ beers in this category and counting. Currently one of the fastest growing segments for us, which makes us humbled and thankful.

During years, we have brewed thousands of liters of gluten-free and vegan friendly nectars and here’s an easy list to identify those. All certified gluten-free beers have mention on the label.

  • Yes IPA 5,5% West Coast IPA
  • Out of Office 4,5% Session IPA
  • Back in Office 5,5% Session IPA
  • Madonna of Sori 5,3% Limoncello IPA
  • Raspberry Punch 4,0% Fruited Sour Ale
  • Hardly Working 4,7% Hoppy Pilsner
  • Coffee Gorilla 7,0% Baltic Porter
  • Winter Gorilla 7,0% Baltic Porter
  • Palkka Lager 5,2% American Lager
    + some retired one off beers

Also, did you know that majority of Sori Brewing beers are vegan friendly? Only some beers containing lactose are out from that equation. How cool is that?