Sori Brewing has started an expansion in order to supply more to new markets. Currently, Sori beers have been available in five countries, but we are actively looking to spread our brews even wider. Next we are looking forward to starting importing in the United Kingdom and Sweden. Our beers have been already available in London, but we are looking forward to expanding to other cities as well.

We are financing the most of this by a crowdfunding share issue and have raised over 270 000 euros so far. You can look more from


1) More fermentation tanks

We have started our expansion by adding 150 hl more fermentation capacity. Tanks were manufactured just 10 km away from the brewery, by our partner Thorsteel. Installations are already in progress, and we are looking forward to get the tanks in use during this month.

Since we have some extra capacity in the beginning, we want to give some back to the brewing society. We started couple of years ago Sori as a gypsy brewery, and at that point it was very hard to find a place where to brew or make anything out of it. We have thought this through and we have some capacity to offer. If you want to brew ~30 hl at a time with quality equipment, contact us and let’s do it!

IMG_02722) Barrel program

We are excited to tell you that we are starting a barrel program to mature some of our new brews. First we get 3000 L worth of barrels but we are looking forward to add more during the year 2016.

The first barrels will be from our friends at the heart of Tuscany, Candialle Vinery. These barrels are very prestige and rare, so we are honored to get this many. We will soon announce more on this program.

3) Process improvement

We have been up and running production less than a year. Now we have an idea how to improve the processes and make things smarter. This will free time from some work, that wasted time and now we can put our eye even more on quality improvement and fun stuff.

First improvements will be made in bottling and carbonation control, which keeps our quality constant. Also, we add some lab stuff so we are also able to measure more our brews within the brewery. Now we have been using a local laboratory partner to keep track, but bringing this to our brewery will give us more control on our beer.

4) Hiring more talent

Growing brewery needs more talent and we believe that our brewery’s growth comes from the people. We are constantly investing our staff training and knowledge. If you are looking forward to work in Estonia for a brewery that gives an interesting opportunity to grow into this fantastic craft beer community, check our career page.