Pareto is a monumental Wee Heavy aged to perfection in barrels for 12 months. Two versions are to be released, one aged in Macallan whisky barrels and one in Portuguese port wine barrels. Both releases are very limited, so if you are a whole seller and fancy for some, contact In this beer, the decadent caramel sweetness of Wee Heavy is cut with oak and mellow notes from quality barrels. This luscious brew is perfect for slow sipping by the fireplace.

Pareto 2017 Whisky BA

11,5 % ABV. We combined two of our favorite things from Scotland, whisky and this beer style. Aged 12 months in old Macallan whisky barrels to create an extraordinary marriage of rich beer and marvelous, very dry whisky notes. Aging gives the Wee Heavy vanilla notes, subtle dry oakiness and balances the sweetness. Enjoy from a tulip glass at¬†11 – 14¬†¬įC. Pairs perfectly with tasty meats.

Pareto 2017 Port Wine BA

12,5 % ABV. Aged 12 months in port wine barrels to get robust vinous character and sweet berry marmalade-like flavors. Multilayered variety of flavors that keep you entertained all the way. Definitely one of those beers you want to enjoy in right temperature (which is 11 – 14¬†¬įC).


The Pareto principle (also known as the 80/20 rule or the law of the vital few) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. This is also the case with barrel-aging beer. From 20% of barrels you get the vital blend that makes it perfect – the rest 80% of barrels more or less compliment those 20%. For this exact reason it takes a lot of effort and amazing abilities to taste differences between barrels and spot possible flaws to eliminate them. For both of these beers we have picked the best barrels and the rest that did not fit in, will find a new life somewhere else.