Sori Brewing brings you a new serie of juicy New England IPAs called the Symphony of Hops!

Beginning the series with Overture One & Overture Two as a introduction to two amazing hops. These beers are officially released in Tallinn Craft Beer Weekend and Sori Taproom. This begins the saga for new hazy beers from Sori Brewing. First releases are keg only and available now.

Also, to celebrate 3 years of our brewery, we are releasing two big and very anticipated barrel-ages, Anniversary 2018 Barley Wine and Laudatur XVIII! Both are very limited releases and available in bottles. Only a few kegs of each, so be sure you come try both formats.

  • Barrel-aged first available in bottles from Thursday to Saturday (May 3rd – 5th, 12:00 – 16:00) from the brewery. Both overtures are on tap.
  • Overture barrel-ages available at TCBW festival and Sori Taproom (Sunday 6th of May)
Sori Brewing 3rd BDAY Bash – event on Facebook [hr]

Overture One: DDH Amarillo

6,8% ABV 38 IBU

Bursting with the one and only Amarillo hop – a whopping total of 20 kg per 1000 liters! Our showcase of this delicate and super fruity American hop that keeps on giving. Expect a soft, juicy beer bursting with marmalade and orange sorbet aromas with a hint of smooth bitterness

Overture Two: DDH Galaxy

6,9% ABV 39 IBU

Packed with almost 20 kg of Galaxy hops per 1000 liters. Intense clean and tropical flavor. Flavors of lime, pineapple and orange peel. Creamy and super drinkable with complex and profound hop character. A juicy and dank tropical bomb to enjoy!


Anniversary 2018 Barley Wine (Cognac BA)

11,2% ABV aged in Cognac barrels

Special release. A magnificent Barley Wine aged nearly a year in elegant cognac barrels. Rich, dark fruit, honey and caramel notes balanced with oak and cognac from the long barrel aging. Celebrating 3 years of Sori and 100 years of Estonia.

Laudatur XVIII (Heaven Hill & The Macallan BA)

10,1% ABV aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon & The Macallan Whisky barrels

Special release. An intense, multi-layered and palatable ale blend; Imperial Stout aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels give us sweet notes of vanilla and oak, while Barley Wine aged in The Macallan barrels showcase notes of ripe berries, toffee and hints of whisky. Aged to perfection and blended by our Barrel Master. Drink now, or cellar for years to come.


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