Delirious means a wildly excited state of mind.

Spring is already by the door and we are here to celebrate that with a fresh, gigantic Imperial IPA. Getting wildly excited, we added a massive amount of dry hops into this Imperial IPA. Face punching tropical fruitiness from the fresh Citra and Mosaic hops, balancing it out with Simcoe.

Best enjoyed as it is from a suitable beer¬†glass, chilled to 10 – 12 ¬įC.

Try pairing with fruity and spicy dishes, like mango chutney or Thai wok.



1. Irrational through illness: Irrational as a temporary result of a physical condition such as fever, poisoning, or brain injury. 2. Excited: Extremely excited or emotional

League of Hops

We want to celebrate the hoppiness in life and what better way, than launching a series of hoppy beers. This Spring we bring you a total of four super hoppy brews that are packed with exotic flavors.


If you are representing a importer / distributor, contact us to get yours.