It’s almost our first birthday and we wanted to celebrate that early. Birthdays make you think of aging, and aging makes us think of barrels. So we blew out the candles and made a wish.

A new cellar full of flavor

After rolling well over a hundred barrels to our cellar, it became clear that this is going to be big. Sori barrel cellar is now filled with a variety of awesome barrels, from Scotch single malt to Rum and Sauternes, to name a few. The amount and variety of barrels makes this one of the biggest barrel programs in the Northern Europe. “We want to create complex flavors and beer experiences, and barrel aging can help us achieve that” Heikki, the mastermind behind our barrel program, states.

The program is also related to our expansion, as we have hired more people and the new Sori barrel cellar will be open to public later in the spring.

What’s going into them?

Sours? Well, soon. Sour beers have grown in popularity both in US and Europe, and we love them.  As we did one of the first Goses for Finland and Estonia, sours would be a natural continuum. However, sour program takes time and we are not rushing.

Giving the barrels a quick rinse

Giving the barrels a quick rinse

Now we have been filling barrels with some great big beers we’ve graving to brew for a long time. First Imperial Stout has been already aging in fresh Chianti Classico barrels from Candialle winery for a couple of months. Soon we are going to release it the for the first time.