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Push limits

Brewing within style regulations is a great starting point and the classics always stay there. However, we are here to create new. We are experimenting and pushing the limits with classic brews. We do it in a way that shows respect to the original style. We brew with a Belgo-American mindset and source some inspiration from our Nordic heritage.

If we stayed brewing in Finland, we would feel like artists who are only given black and white. We want to be those guys that re-painted Mona Lisa and added her an ironic mustache.

Pure ingredients

We use pure water from our own well, quality Finnish malts and the finest of hops. Also, all our beers are vegan – which means we don’t use any animal based finings. Many of our beers can be naturally low in gluten and for the beers we state that are gluten free, we always have a lab result to certify that.

Work hard

We have a very humble approach on brewing – work hard, learn and get results. It has taken years to master these skills. The more we learn, the more we want to share our knowledge with everyone. We owe it to the beer loving society that has raised us to be the beer lovers we are now. We want to amaze fellow brewers with what we have done.

Get them near you

We already sell our beers in several countries. If you are a importer or distributor, you can contact us


We are proud that we’ve been able to collaborate with many talented brewers to learn and brew more serious beer to people.

Brouwerij KeesAF BrewStockholm Brewing CompanyBorg BrugghúsBrouwerij Het UiltjeBirrifcio Del Ducato
Sakiškių alusRuosniemen PanimoTanker BreweryMoncada Brewery 

Serious India Pale Ales

League of Hops

Sour Punch Series

Dark Humor Club Series

Dark Humor Club
Bourbon Vanilla

Imperial Stout – 8,0% ABV 50 IBU

Sweet, dessert-like Imperial Stout with loads of flavor. Cacao nibs and espresso make this a liquid mocha cake. We added over a hundred Bourbon vanilla pods to make it a delicious treat.

Dark Humor Club is fun, super dark and with every sip it reveals something new. Enjoy as a dessert and pair with chocolate.

Dark Humor Club

Imperial Stout – 8,0% ABV 45 IBU

Join our Dark Humor Club, where life is fun and jokes are dark! When life gives you delicatessen of our DHC series is this deep coconuts, you put on Hawaii shirt and bite into this Imperial Coconut Stout!

Another delicatessen of our DHC series is this deep dark and sweet stout. Pair with a rich chocolate cake, hard cheese and try with curry!

Dark Humor Club
Hot Chocolate

Imperial Stout – 10,2% ABV 42 IBU

Dark Humor Club’s strongest and darkest beer is Hot Chocolate. A complex, rich flavored chocolate Imperial Stout. Brewed slow and carefully to get the every bit of that complex flavor. Matured on a massive amount of cocoa nibs where it gets it dark chocolate flavor and aroma. Full bodied Imperial Stout to warm even the coldest nights.

Pair this beer with roasted meats or even better, with chocolate and coffee desserts.

Dark Humor Club
PX Sherry Oak Aged

Imperial Stout – 10% ABV 50 IBU

Dark Humor Club is a series of big and playful Imperial Stouts. This DHC is matured on Pedro Ximénez Sherry oak for decadent and warming chocolate aromas accompanied with ripe cherries.

Pair this beer with desserts with cherries, lingonberries or cranberries.

Serious Gorillas

Coffee Gorilla

Baltic Porter – 7,0% ABV 45 IBU

A yawn is a silent scream for more coffee. You face Coffee Gorilla every morning in the mirror before your first cup. Now it’s possible to drink beer and coffee at the same time. This must be the future?

Coffee Gorilla is also a great dessert! Brewed with six different malts and smooth espresso. Pair this beer with everything chocolate.

Winter Gorilla

Baltic Porter – 7,0% ABV 40 IBU

The winter is coming! If you don’t feel like making snow angels in slush, you can always sit right there and enjoy this amazing Porter. Can you feel it? Winter Gorilla is already warming you from inside! Winter Gorilla only appears in the wintertime.

Porter matured in oak with Cointreau to give this dark treat a slight oaky vanilla and orange twist.

You can also meet this one under the label Christmas Gorilla. Ho ho ho!

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